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Native-Made Art from Native Nonprofits

Native art is as diverse as Native peoples themselves, and buying from Native nonprofits ensures that you’re receiving something authentic and thoughtfully made, while supporting artists and their communities. 

Native artists, artisans and craftspeople draw from traditional techniques and designs, and reimagine new materials and ideas, to create the gorgeous pieces that Native nonprofits have available. They also work in tons of mediums, including painting, illustration, photography, weaving, carving, and ceramics. 

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive small print or a one-of-a-kind original, Native nonprofits have tons of art that will fit your aesthetic. Your purchase will benefit artists and  nonprofit community programs, and bring you something beautiful as well.

Access the full list HERE.

Here are some of our favorites: 

Creation Story - Karen Savage Blue

The American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) transforms oppression into opportunity. They offer an American Indian Community Center, 44 units of permanent supportive housing, a domestic violence emergency shelter, legal advocacy, a climate and cultural resiliency initiative, social enterprise activities, youth programming and an arts and culture initiative.

Their shop, Indigenous First, sells quality gifts and goods with a mission of advancing, promoting, and investing in Indigenous and diverse artists and entrepreneurs. Prints, cards, giclee on canvas, and original one-of-a-kind paintings available at all price points.

Cheyenne River Winter Along Highway 8 Photo Print

The Cheyenne River Youth Project, founded in 1988, is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to giving our Lakota youth and families access to the culturally relevant, enriching, and enduring opportunities we need to build stronger, healthier communities and a more vibrant future together.

They have original artwork, prints, and stunning photography of the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation.

Patricia Lowden Traditional Bowl

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center (IPCC) is a world-class museum and cultural center, a place where 19 Pueblo people can tell their stories, beyond the gateway of New Mexico, the center is a necessary first stop for visitors to New Mexico, providing an introduction for understanding the state’s landscape, legacy, and story of continuance. Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture, and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect the accomplishments and evolving history of the Pueblo people of New Mexico. 

Their selection of handmade ceramics showcases the diversity and craftsmanship of the 19 Pueblos’ traditional and contemporary pottery. 

Transforming Poison into Medicine - Rose Imai

The Native American Academy was founded by a circle of Traditional Knowledge Holders and Native scholars dedicated to preserving and protecting Indigenous knowledge while bringing to life a 21st century science that is in respectful relationship with the natural world.

Purchases of museum-quality prints in Rose Imai’s breathtaking Children’s Series will benefit The Native American Academy.

Will Taylor: "Cholla Blossom"

Native Seeds/SEARCH seeks to find, protect and preserve the seeds of the people of the Greater Southwest so that these arid adapted crops may benefit all peoples and nourish a changing world. From cute $2 postcards to $200+ handcrafted pottery, they sell all kinds of beautiful works from Southwestern artists and artisans.

DT Calling Bull Card - Dustin Twiss

The Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School not only provides authentic Native-made crafts for the purposes of audience appreciation and education but also critically serves as one of the few important sources of economic growth for residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. They sell prints and cards of contemporary Native art at accessible prices, along with handcrafted jewelry, quilts, and woodcarvings.

Richard Shorty Small Framed Art Print

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (UIATF) champions, develops, and provides quality educational, cultural, social and socio-economic services that benefit all Indigenous People living in and around the Puget Sound Region, especially tribal families, elders and youth.

Their shop, Sacred Circle Gifts and Art, sells beautiful prints, expertly woven baskets, carved totems, and more.