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Support Sustainability with Baby Products from Native Nonprofits

When it comes to purchasing baby products, making informed choices can have a profound impact.

Buying baby products from Native nonprofits helps foster economic self-sufficiency within Indigenous communities. By supporting these organizations, you directly contribute to job creation, income generation, and the growth of sustainable enterprises. This helps reduce dependency on extractive corporations that often exploit natural resources without adequately benefiting the local communities. Your purchase can empower Native artisans, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs, promoting self-reliance and the preservation of traditional livelihoods.

When you purchase baby products from Native nonprofits, your investment goes beyond the products themselves. These organizations use the revenue for community programs, initiatives, and social services that enhance the well-being of indigenous populations. Your support can contribute to educational programs, healthcare services, cultural revitalization efforts, and more. By choosing to buy from Native nonprofits, you become an active participant in improving the lives of individuals and communities in need.

The American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) transforms oppression into opportunity. They offer an American Indian Community Center, 44 units of permanent supportive housing, a domestic violence emergency shelter, legal advocacy, a climate and cultural resiliency initiative, social enterprise activities, youth programming and an arts and culture initiative. 

AICHO sells a very cute "Predisposed to learning my Language" onesies designed by Khayman Goodsky. They also sell beautiful baby moccasins designed by Goodsky.

The Catawba Cultural Center offers a unique look into the lifeways of the Catawba Indians by featuring both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Come see Native American beadwork and check out the unique form of landscaping called edible landscapes that replace the usual flowers and shrubs with vegetables and herbs.

They sell numerous onesies and this Catawba River Scene Embroidered Baby Bib w/ artwork by Alex Osborn.

Changing Woman Initiative was dreamed up by founder Nicolle L. Gonzales, Navajo Nurse-Midwife. After years of working as a midwife in her community and seeing many Native American women struggle with navigating western medical healthcare systems, she felt there was a better way that would center the needs of the women and families she cared for. Nicolle saw assimilation being practiced from birth on which has a huge impact on a Native American family’s ability to bring their loved ones into this world. She wanted to reinstate a culturally supported and include ceremonial ways into births that is representative of the community they come from.

They sell this awesome "Future Ancestor Baby Onesie."

Their "mission is to create a cultural magnet while developing a sustaining economy that will encourage more tribal members to return to the heart of our historical lands.  Offer jobs, housing, educational opportunitites and health and social services to all tribal members."'

They sell an assortment of onesies, including this stunning "t'siyatkhu a.k.a. Sasquatch & Chinookan Moon Baby One-Piece"

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers

"The Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers is a Tribal non-profit organization in Pipestone, Minnesota, that was formed in 1996 by local Native Americans and tribal leaders to protect and educate the public about the nearby pipestone quarries."

"These moccasins are commonly known as plains style moccasins. Everyone needs a pair of these  soft deer skin leather moccasins weather to walk around the house or to wear with your dance regalia to the next pow wow..  Each pair is cut out and sewn by hand from tanned deer skin.  Please note that the color of deer hide varies from brown to almost white if you have a preference please contact us when you order.. The best way to get moccasins the correct size is to send a tracing of your feet we will then make them just for you. Moccasins should fit snug as deer skin will stretch a lot more than cow hide."

"Bam’idizowigamig Creator’s Place is designed to be a place of work and welcome. A place where people can enjoy earning supplemental income, use and improve their skills and get support in creating their own business. The Ojibwe word Bam’idizowigamig means 'a place to support oneself.'"

Buy moccasins to support Creator's Place!

We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia celebrates and educates about contemporary Indigenous arts and culture, creates opportunities for Indigenous artists, and provides positive and accurate representation for Indigenous peoples.

Buy this "Summer of Joy" onesie.

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